Variable Teaching Drive


This drive is able to convert to a SOLID DRIVE or to a FREEWHEEL action. More importantly, the drive system can adjust (Adjusting screws can be seen in the photo) in between these two extremes so the operator gets just as much HELP as needed, to keep pedalling SMOOTHLY FORWARD or BACKWARDS. In this way riders can LEARN HOW TO RIDE FREEWHEEL. The drive system trains the rider! Once freewheeling is learned, the rider will be able to convert the tricycle to multi-speed (see multi-speed descriptions) since bosses to add multi-speed hubs are on all our recumbent tricycles. Riding then becomes even more enjoyable as riders gain strength to keep up with friends and family while managing inclines only negotiable with gears. As well, a rear wheel coaster brake is included in multi-speed hubs.